The Great Zodiac Race series which modernizes the legendary Chinese zodiac story.

Each book in this illustrated series weaves together a captivating story with aspects of Asian culture, positive personality traits, and timeless values.


Come and meet our 13 Zodiac characters!! Josie the Cat’s 12 friends represent the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

Learn about which animal sign you are, your horoscope and much much more!

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About 13 ZODIAC

You are probably wondering that the number “13” doesn’t quite associate with the word “Zodiac”. Aren’t there only 12 animals in the Zodiac? Then why the number 13? Who is the additional one?

Guess no more and meet Josie the Cat! If you ask Josie, many people seem to have forgotten her but the Cat has a very special place in the Zodiac story.

13 Zodiac follows the adventures of Josie the Cat and her 12 friends (representing the animals of the Chinese Zodiac) as they prepare and run the great Zodiac race, travel around the world to meet famous people and visit amazing places and learn new and exciting things along the way.

Meet all the 13 Zodiac Characters and join in as they tell Stories of their fantastic adventures and personal encounters.

Don’t forget to have fun finding out the Zodiac animal sign for you and your little ones and discover what is installed for you and for them in the upcoming year!