Master Insight interviews WC Jefferson on what motivated him to create this series and what makes these books different from other zodiac race stories.

Jefferson says that growing up, he loved listening to the Chinese zodiac story. When he became a father, he wanted to teach the story to his own kids, but he soon discovered that he couldn’t find many available books on the market about the legend or about the order in which the animals were placed in the Chinese zodiac.

Just as distressing, the limited books he found were illustrated in a stereotypically Chinese traditional manner and their storylines portrayed animals such as the Rat and the Snake so undesirably that he didn’t think appropriate for his young kids. Jefferson took the opportunity to update a classic story into a more modern version and insert moral values into them.

《灼見名家 — 張詠驄:趣讀十二生肖 弘揚道德價值》