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The Zodiac Race
Duncan the Dragon

Join Duncan the Dragon as he learns about HONOR and KINDNESS in his story of the Zodiac Race.


Duncan the Dragon had a good chance of winning the Zodiac Race because he could fly. On the night before the race, he hears that people from very far away need help. As much as he wants to win, he feels that helping others is the right thing to do.  Driven by his honor and kindness, he chooses to give aid to those in need instead of winning a race for himself.  Luckily for Duncan, he finished saving everyone and still had enough time to fly back and get fifth place for the race.


  • What was the problem in the distant lands that needed Duncan the Dragon’s help?

  • Why does Duncan choose to go help others instead of trying to stay and win the race?

  • What does the Dragon do after he arrives in the distant lands to help them?

  • If the Dragon didn’t go help the others, do you think he would have won the race?

  • If you were the Dragon, what would you have done differently?


  • What does the word Honor mean to you? Can you list out other words that mean the same thing? (Integrity, righteousness, morally right, ethical, principled, respect)

  • Children often don’t realize how their parents treat them specially, so highlight to them how treating people as special is honoring them. What are some things that your parents do for you that you don’t see them doing for other people?

  • Honor is about being thoughtful and doing that something extra above basic needs. Can you name a time when you did more than you were expected to?

  • Name a person you know that you think is honorable. Give one example of why you think that person has honor.

  • Honor is also about attitudes and the way you say things. To do something when told is obedience, but to complete those actions with proper attitude reveals honor. Name a time when your parents asked you to do something, and you didn’t want to do it, but had to anyways. Did you complain while doing it? Do you accept and say ok?

  • Practice listening with both of your eyes. Pick a partner and listen to a short story about their day. Do not interrupt and maintain eye contact. After your partner is finished, it’s your turn to tell your story and they are listen to you while looking at you.

  • Use an emotion to describe a situation that happened to you, and appeal to the conscience of the other person. Use words like “I’m upset when…” or “I was lonely when…” or “I felt you didn’t care when…”