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The Zodiac Race
Henri the Horse

Follow Henri the Horse as he competes in the Zodiac Race and finds his CONFIDENCE and COURAGE along the way.


Henri the Horse loves to read, and when he heard about the Zodiac Race, he knew this was his chance to be in the history books. He finds his courage to leave home and what he’s familiar with, and go on this race through deserts, mountains, and forests. After overcoming different challenges, he begins to believe in himself and everything starts becoming easier. He learns with confidence in yourself, anything is possible!


  • Why did Henri the Horse want to join the Zodiac Race?

  • What was the first challenge that Henri had to face on his journey?

  • What tool did the Horse use to get out of the desert?

  • As Henri faced more challenges and completed each of them, what did start getting more of?

  • If you were the Horse, what would you have done differently?


  • What does the word Confidence mean to you? Can you list out other words that mean the same thing? (Self-assured, sure of oneself, positive, proud, positive, know I can do it, self-esteem)

  • Name a person that you think has confidence. Share with others why you think they are confident.

  • What are some things that you are confident about doing by yourself? (Brushing your teeth, playing sports, baking cookies, taking care of pets)

  • Name one time that you felt accomplished because of the challenge you faced. Share your experience and how you felt.

  • Encourage the children to pick something that they can do by themselves, and then ask them to teach everyone how to do it. By teaching others instead of simply telling them, it strengthens the experience for building confidence.

  • It’s important for children to know that making mistakes is part of learning. What was one time that you did something and it didn’t turn out like you expected? Share that experience and what you learned to know the next time.

  • Problem solving is a great way to build confidence. Prepare some materials you can find around the house or school, such as bottles, cans, glass jars, and cardboard, and challenge the children to build something that can float. Provide addition items like glue, tape, and string. They can work individually or as a team.