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The Zodiac Race
Maxi the Monkey

Join Maxi the Monkey in his story about the Zodiac Race, where he learns about SELF-CONTROL and asking for FORGIVENESS.


Maxi the Monkey is active and he does many things at the same time. The problem is he isn’t focused and doesn’t show much self-control. Even when he’s asked his friend Sylvie the Sheep to join him on the Zodiac Race, he plays all day and tires himself out. He oversleeps and ends up being late, and he has to ask Sylvie for forgiveness. As they continue on the race, they save Rocky the Rooster and together they use teamwork to finish the race.


  • Maxi the Monkey is quite active. What are some of the things he likes to do?

  • Maxi thought about asking the Tiger and Dog to join him for the race, but why does he end up asking Sylvie the Sheep instead?

  • Where did Maxi get distracted and he ended up playing there all day?

  • Why did Maxi have to ask Sylvie to forgive him?

  • If you were the Monkey, what would you have done differently?


  • What does the word Self-Control mean to you? Can you list out other words that mean the same thing? (Self-discipline, strong will, composed, control one’s feelings, focused)

  • Self-Control is about the determination to do the right thing. Can you share an example of what self-control in action is like? (Not eating snacks before dinner, doing exercise even when you don’t want to, going to sleep at the same time every night, stop watching TV after a certain amount of time)

  • Why is it important to do what is right, even when you don’t feel like it?

  • What kind of jobs do you think will require a lot of self-control? (Police, Doctors, Athletes)

  • If someone had very little self-control, what kind of problems do you think they would have?

  • Sometimes we have the urge to take from others what we want. Even though we know it is wrong, why do you think we still want to do it?

  • Having self-control is about being able to control your emotions and temper. Being mad and angry can make you lose control. Can you name an example of something that makes you mad, and what you would do? What can you do differently in the future?