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The Zodiac Race
Ollie the Ox

Ollie the Ox learns that with DETERMINATION and COMMITMENT, he can face any challenge in from of him.


Ollie the Ox wanted didn’t think he could win the Zodiac Race because he was slow. His special plan was to wake earlier than everyone else to start the race. He was determined to win by giving some extra effort.  There were dangers along the way, but Ollie kept marching forward towards his goal. Ollie ended up with second place, and he was glad that his hard work and determination helped him get these results.


  • Why did Ollie the Ox think that it was going to be hard for him to win the Zodiac Race?

  • What plan did the Ox come up with so that he’d have a better chance of winning?

  • If you had to use one word to describe Ollie, what would it be?

  • It was a tight race to the finish, but why did the Ollie end up losing to Riley the Rat?

  • If you were the Ox, what would you have done differently?


  • What does the word Determination mean to you? Can you list out other words that mean the same thing? (Strong will, Committed, Resolved, Firm, Unwavering)

  • Name a person that you think has a lot of determination. What makes you think that this person is determined?

  • Determination is about overcoming different obstacles in order to achieve a goal. Give an example of what problems might stand in your way. (Give excusing, not enough time, want to give up, things are too difficult)

  • Sometimes we are so determined that we don’t realize that we’ve gone in the wrong direction. What should you do when you’ve discovered that you may have strayed away from achieving your goal?

  • What are some examples of being determined at home?

  • What are some examples of being determined at school?

  • What are some opposite words to Determination? (Lazy, giving up, quitting, doing something half-heartedly)

  • To be determined, you will need to first set goals so you go in the right direction. Then you continue to make progress and face challenges towards that goal. Don’t be discouraged by failure and keep trying. Think of a goal you’ve set for yourself in the past, and explain how you succeeded in the end and how it made you feel.